sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Mensagem de Wick Davis

Após alguma”basculha” e contactos na net, recebemos esta mensagem de Wick Davis onde nos deixa um link.

Thanks for ut via contact with the foundation of Lupus blog of "on the road to a cure." I understand that you are looking for information regarding the lupus nephritis, class 4.

Here is the link to information on the LFA that subject. Http://www.lupus.org/lupusnephritis

However, it is in English. What do you suggest revenue pages from the link above (there are 5 in total with regard to the lupus nephritis) and make them work through each of the Babelfish translator. In this service, you can convert the text from English into Italian, using the drop-down menu. Here is the link to that translation service. Http://babel.altavista.com/tr

Thanks again for ut contact with. I hope that was of some help. I also want to connect to your blog. Would you be interested in the link to the blog of LFA?

Have a great weekend.

Wick Davis

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