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Recebemos, por e-mail, do meu amigo de infância Zé Aguiar( que vive em Londres) o seguinte texto e link para publicação:

Lupus Disease - http://www.whatreallyworks.co.uk/start/factsheets.asp?article_ID=503 An autoimmune disease which can cause either recurring red round patches of skin rash (discoid lupus) or inflammation in joints, tendons, connective tissue and other organs, (systemic lupus) this condition affects mostly young women in their late teens to 30s. Autoimmune simply means that instead of protecting the body, the immune system attacks it. The conventional treatment is steroids, which suppress immune activities.There is often a family history of this disease, which can be triggered by environmental pollution, and risk factors include also suffering from asthma, low blood levels of antioxidants, especially vitamins A and E, and having irregular periods. Sunlight has been shown to trigger the first-ever outbreak of discoid lupus which is most common in women in their 30s.There have been reports of people improving after switching to a vegetarian diet - and according to early studies, you may benefit from cutting out foods which are high in both phenylalanine (chocolate, apples, chicken and peanuts) and tyrosine (dairy products, fish and oats). Foods that are high in the Omega-3 fatty acids, especially fish and flaxseed (linseed) have been shown to reduce lupus inflammation.
Many sufferers are intolerant of dairy products, especially cow’s milk - which contains casein, a protein that has immune-stimulating properties.Smoking definitely increases the risk although, somewhat unusually, drinking alcohol decreases it. Selenium, another antioxidant, has helped clear lupus in animals and there is early evidence that for those with the discoid form, vitamin E can help.
Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is also worth investigating. In one study, 67 people with discoid lupus took 10-15g per day, along with 1,500-3,000iu of vitamin E for 19 months and reported significant improvements.
Herbalists recommend herbs such as cleavers and yellow dock to improve the lymphatic system - which drains away toxins, and gentian to boost good digestion and encourage feelings of greater well-being. These herbs will also help the liver and the kidneys with the elimination of the body’s waste matter.
Herbs that can help relax and tone the nervous system, such as hops and hypericum (St Johns Wort), will also be beneficial for overall well-being and the condition of your skin.*Alfalfa has been linked with worsening this condition. It contains L-canavanine which can trigger an autoimmune response in susceptible individuals.


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